Credit Card Application Pending or Denied? Never Fear, Reconsideration is Here!

So you’ve done your research and have found the perfect credit card to apply for. But after you hit the submit button and cross your fingers it comes back pending, or even worse denied. But don’t worry, all hope is not lost. Enter the call for reconsideration. Often times all it takes is a quick phone call to the credit reconsideration department at the bank you applied to. This was the case for me yesterday when I called BOA about my Hawaiian Airlines card that returned a pending screen after I submitted the application. Be Prepared Usually they ask you why you want the card, especially if you already have a similar card with that issuer. Think of what to say before you pick up the phone, because this is the most important part of the call. If the agent doesn’t believe you or thinks you’re making something up they won’t be willing to help. Make Yourself Look Good If they don’t approve you based on your excuse valid reason, don’t give up yet. Highlight your relationship with the bank if you have one. Let them know that you always pay your bills on time and that you’ve been with them for years/months. If that’s not the case, tell them that you want to establish a long term relationship with them. Never mention the bonus points. If they think you’re in it just for the signup bonus they’re less likely to be helpful. Be Ready to Deal If you have existing cards with this issuer, ask if there’s any other way to be approved. Do this after mentioning that you’ve paid bills on time and have been with them a while. They should suggest shifting credit from one card to the new card. If not, ask if you can do so. If all else fails, offer to close an existing card to open the new one. Only do this if you’re prepared to close an existing card that you already wanted to close or one you seldom use. Remember, don’t close old cards since they help increase your credit score. This is a great way to close a card with an annual fee coming up that you want to avoid. If they still refuse to approve you, politely hangup and call again. Reconsideration Phone Numbers

  • American Express
    1. Online Application Status
    2. 877-399-3083 – New Accounts (Direct to Human)
    3. 800-962-7227 – Reconsideration
  • Bank of America
    1. Online Application Status
    2. 866-458-8805 – Direct to Human
    3. 888-503-6090 – For FIA cards (Including Bank of Hawaii)
    4. 877-721-9405 – Application status (Option 3 for Human)
  • Barclays
    1. 866-408-4064 – Direct to Human
  • Capital One (Does not accept calls until you’ve received a letter in the mail)
    1. 800-625-7866 – Account Specialist
  • Chase
    1. 888-245-0625 – Reconsideration (Direct to Human for Personal Cards)
    2. 800-453-9719 – Reconsideration (Direct to Human for Business Cards)
    3. 800-436-7927 – Application Status (Automated)
    4. 888-609-7805 – Application Status (Human)
  • Citibank
    1. 866-606-2961 – Reconsideration
    2. 888-201-4523 – Application Status
    3. 866-606-2787 – Application Status

[one_half]Usually you’ll have better luck writing to Citi Corporate at:[/one_half] [one_half_last]CitiBank Executive Review Department P.O. Box 6000 Sioux Falls, SD 57117[/one_half_last]

  •  US Bank
    1. 800-947-1444 – Application Status (Option 1)

If you find a number that doesn’t work or if you find some new numbers send me an email.

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