My Wife’s July App-O-Rama (7 Cards)

I was feeling lucky so I did 7 applications for my wife in July. So far she has been approved for 6 of 7 cards. The 7th card is a Citi Hilton HHonors card that was part of the 2-Browser trick. They sent her a letter requesting a bunch of bank/phone/work documents last week. Since she has already been approved for one of them, she is already considered a cardholder and cannot get it for another 18+ months so there’s no point in fighting it and trying for the 2nd one.Once we get all the points it will be quite a haul: 380,000 points! The 35,000 bonus miles from the Hawaiian cards can be transferred to Hilton HHonors in a 1:2 ratio so the 35,000 miles will become 70,000 HHonors points.

Card Bonus Min Spend Annual Fee Waived?
Amex HHonors 50,000 $750 $0 N/A
BOA Hawaiian 70,000 (HHonors) $1,000 $79 No
BOH HAwaiian 70,000 (HHonors) $1,000 $79 No
Barclays US Airways 40,000 $0 $89 Yes
Citi HHonors 50,000 $1,500 $0 N/A
Chase British Airways 100,000 $0 $75 No
380,000 $5,750 $322
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2 Responses to My Wife’s July App-O-Rama (7 Cards)

  1. pilot says:

    7 is too many at one time, i always do 3-4 only if there are good sign up bonuses.

  2. Ken says:

    @Pilot – Why do you think 7 is too much at once?

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