Reconsideration Call to Bank of America

I received a Pending screen after submitting my application for the Hawaiian Airlines card from my July Mini App-O-Rama. I waited 3 days and since there was no update on my status I called BOA about my pending application. Looking back on my phone, from the time I pressed call to the time I pressed end was less than 2 minutes. It went something like this:

  1. BOA: May I have your Social and DOB?
  2. Me: …….
  3. BOA: Why do you want the card:
  4. Me: I moved to Denver recently and want to see Hawaii.
  5. BOA: I’m pleased to report that I can approve your Hawaiian Airlines credit card with a limit of $10,000. You’ll receive the card in 10-14 days.
  6. Me: Excellent!
  7. BOA: Have a nice day Mr. McClure
  8. Me: You too, thanks.

And that was all there was to it. 2 minutes later I had an approved application 🙂

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