[Hotel Review] Hyatt House Fort Lauderdale

Hyatt-House-Ft-Lauderdale-8We stayed at the Hyatt House Fort Lauderdale before our belated honeymoon cruise the next day. This was our first stay at a Hyatt House and we were impressed.

After picking up our bags at Ft. Lauderdale Airport we waited for the hotel shuttle to pick us up. It was felt like 30 minutes, so we likely just missed the previous one. This shuttle serves the Hyatt House and the Hyatt Place hotels that share the same lot. Since we were the first on we were also the last off so the line at check-in was long. The shuttle was full so we were prepared to wait.

Several people checking in were being difficult and I figured the agents would be stressed out by the time it was my turn. If I ever notice this I try to break the ice and put them at ease. Usually something along the lines of “Long day? I’ll try to go easy on you.” goes a long way to make them more comfortable. I also grew up in the area so mentioning that seemed to calm things over too. I’d emailed the hotel earlier to ask about the shuttle to the cruise terminal and mentioned we were on our honeymoon. The agent congratulated us and handed over a $5 Diamond amenity voucher to be used for their “Guest Market” offerings. She asked if I had a room preference and I just asked for something quiet. She gave us a full suite that normally is only afforded to at least Platinum elite status. I do not have Diamond or Platinum status so both were welcome upgrades. We received another $5 Diamond amenity voucher in the morning that we ended up not using during our stay so we’ll save them for another time.

Hyatt-House-Ft-Lauderdale-6Our room was on the 4th floor and faced north. We had a view of the former Gran Prix Race-O-Rama go kart track. I’m not sure who owns it now since the arcade building has been leveled with only the foundation slab remaining. I-95 is just to the left and downtown Ft. Lauderdale is in the background.

Hyatt-House-Ft-Lauderdale-1Since this was a suite it was larger than the regular rooms, but all rooms include kitchens. The living room had a TV on the wall, plus a corner sleeper sofa. The kitchen was very nice, a lot nicer than ours at home. Granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, and everything you could possibly need to cook here every night. The kitchen table was great for me to get some work done while Kim was watching TV or sleeping in the bedroom. Since this was their 1-bedroom suite there was a door for the bedroom which came in handy since I normally go to sleep and wake up later than Kim.

The bedroom was adequately sized with a king bed, two night stands, and another TV with DVD player on the wall. Something that always bothers me is not being aHyatt-House-Ft-Lauderdale-2ble to get the room dark enough so I don’t get waken up super early when I’m on vacation. These curtains worked well and the room was dark when I woke up in the morning. The headboard was different in that it was nailed to the wall and didn’t connect to the bed itself. I liked it. The thermostat was in the bedroom and the first thing I always do when entering a hotel room is turn down the A/C. Being south Florida it was HOT outside with high humidity. Coming from CO with low humidity and fresh snow was a huge change for us despite living most of our lives in FL. We don’t live in FL anymore for a reason. It was easy to change the temperature and the room cooled off after a few hours while we were grabbing some dinner.

Hyatt-House-Ft-Lauderdale-7The bathroom was my favorite part of the room. The door to the bathroom was huge and a kind of sliding door. I think it’s called a Euro door which would make sense since this type of shower was called a Euro shower. The shower was great. All glass with nice tiling and a small bench too. The shower head was one of those fancy rain water ones which we both really liked. The closet was large and had two bath robes for our use. The only thing I didn’t like about the bathroom was that there wasn’t a ceiling exhaust fan so it was too quiet for me.

Hyatt-House-Ft-Lauderdale-5 Hyatt-House-Ft-Lauderdale-4









Hyatt Houses offer a complimentary hot breakfast every day and what they call an Evening Social Hour where they serve complimentary food and drinks (alcohol included) Mon-Thurs. Since we stayed Saturday night we didn’t get to try this out, but it’s something I’d like to try in the future. The breakfast included your usual continental items (yogurt, breads, cereal, juices, etc) and also eggs, sausage links, and waffles. It was just Ok, but it got the job done.

Hyatt-House-Ft-Lauderdale-9Hyatt-House-Ft-Lauderdale-10I had arranged for transportation to the cruise terminal the night before so after getting some more work done we headed down to check out and catch the bus. Check out was easy with no surprises. If we were in the area we’d stay here again.

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