Citi AAdvantage Business MasterCard Provides Primary Rental Car Coverage

Citi-Business-AAdvantageI just got my disclosures and info from Citi for my new AAdvantage Business MasterCard that I applied for two weeks ago. I always make sure to check the rental car section to see what kind of protection they provide and this card noted the following:

MasterRental will pay for covered damages on a primary basis for which you or any other authorized driver is legally responsible to the rental agency.

This is great news since the only other card that I know of to provide primary coverage is the Chase United card. Normally credit cards only offer secondary coverage which means that it comes after any other insurance from other sources like your personal auto insurance. But, primary coverage comes first, so you might not even have to involve your own auto insurance company if you need to file a claim.

There is no official landing page for his offer, but like many other Citi offers you can use a link to go straight to the application page and apply. This is the method I used and I called after activation to confirm the bonus miles. The current public offer is for only 30,000 AAdvantage miles.

Citi Business AAdvantage MasterCard Application

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