Reloading Bluebird at Walmart Self-Checkout

Walmart-Bluebird-American-Express-CardWith a pocket full of $200 Visa GCs from the Officemax deal I headed to Walmart to try and add funds to my Amex Bluebird card. Normally I’d just use the automated kiosk but this store did not have one. While my wife was checking out I went to another self-checkout machine and there was an option to load a shopping card. After I swiped my Bluebird card the pinpad prompted me to wait for assistance from an associate. Any time you involve an employee things usually go downhill, and this time was no exception.

After trying to bail and telling her I’d just do it at my usual store she insisted on trying. So we tried the full $1,000 load. It wouldn’t even take the first $200 card. Then we needed a manager’s override to void the $1,000 transaction. After the manager came we tried $200 which worked. Then we tried $400 which didn’t work. And again we had to wait for the manager to come back. We did the rest in $200 increments. And to top it off while walking into the parking lot I was chased out by the manager who helped me. She had held onto my Bluebird card throughout the reloading and forgot to give it back to me! I was in such a rush to get out of there that I totally forgot about my card.

So, to make a long story short if you must checkout via the self-checkout machines limit your loads to $200. I’ve had no problem doing over $200 in a single load with multiple payment sources so if you can find the automated kiosk that’s your best bet.

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