About Me

My twin brother Chris at left and myself at right. (August 2008)

In case anyone was curious here’s a little about myself.

I grew up in south Florida and went to school at Florida State University in northern Florida. I met my future wife Kim at FSU. We moved together to North Carolina after she graduated and stayed there for 3 years. We’re both avid snowboarders and being close to good ski resorts was an absolute must, so in July 2011 we moved to Colorado. Now that we’re close to ski resorts we’re far from family. That’s where miles and points come in.

Wife and I at Keystone Ski Resort in Colorado. (February 2012)

I did my first 3 card App-O-Rama (AOR) November 2011, so less than a year ago. Kim also signed up for two cards a day later and we haven’t looked back since! We’ll use the points to visit family this Xmas since we weren’t able to fly home last year.

Feel free to email me about anything travel related.